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behind handlebars in the media

1. July 2016


Bicycle Utopia

My picture 'White Stripes' won the 1st Prize in Bicycle Utopia's International Photo Competition 'Am I Invisible?' Open Call 2016!


The official statement can be found here.

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15. february 2017

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Chinese Fitness Company ⾏行行者, in APP and WeChat publication

Interview and photo publishing through the growing Chinese company ⾏行行者, with 5 million active users on their APP. The interview received more than 22.000 views in 1 day on their WeChat profile.

The interview is in Chinese and English and can be found here. 

29. APRIL 2017


Momentum Mag

The Behind Handlebars instagram account was awarded the best city cycling account by the Canadian magazine 'Momentum Mag'.


The full list and their words about Behind Handlebars can be found here.

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17. February 2017:


Go' Aften Danmark, TV2 Denmark, National Television

Televised segment and interview specifically focused on my life behind handlebars on instagram, my pictures, my motivation and visions for the project.

Aired live on Friday the 17th of February 2017, 5:30pm.

28. november 2017



GoPro UK & India Video Premiere

GoPro GoPro featured and premiered my video ‘Life Behind Handlebars’ on their Facebook pages. The video has been viewed 200.000 times

19. April 2018


Live interview on BBC Radio Sheffield, Toby Foster at Breakfast

Interviewed live on BBC Radio Sheffield about my project and my time visiting Sheffield and the Outdoor City; an event I was invited to as an influencer.

The segment can be heard on BBC's website here, from 1:39:00.

1. May 2018


Article in the Danish Cycling Association's magazine 'Cyklister'

The article puts focus on Behind Handlebars, the growing global community, and the posters that I have created. 

The magazine is distributed to the organizations 16.000 members all over Denmark. 

The article is in Danish and can be read here.